Our Story

Answering The Call

After spending 20+ years in veterinary emergency and specialty medicine, Christine and Katie acknowledged there needed to be a drastic change in the profession.

As the need for veterinary care and pressure on teams increased, the systems of support to allow them to deliver care effectively and sustainably deteriorated. Inspired by a drive to heal the veterinary profession, they set out to reinvent an approach to veterinary care where teams came first.

Taking Action

By hand-selecting a leadership team to represent each role of the hospital structure, they ensure a voice for every team member within the organization.

The team’s alignment in ideas and drive create a leadership team where innovation and integrity are paramount.  As a result, we will fill mission is to transform the team experience and create an optimal environment for our team members, our partners, pet families, and the patients we are dedicated to caring for.

The Result

Partner Veterinary Urgent Care (PVUC) is a women-founded and led business. Our leadership team has a reputation for building and retaining happy, healthy teams—and founded Partner Veterinary to give more professionals a supportive environment to do the job they love. 

Christine Stafford


After two decades of developing private veterinary specialty practices and training leadership teams, she understands the challenges that today’s veterinary practices face and has a unique ability to transform obstacles into realistic solutions… READ MORE.

Katie Brooks, LVT, CVPM


Katie has brought a unique and effective leadership style to the veterinary profession. As a ‘blue-collar’ CEO, she worked her way from a career as a licensed veterinary technician… READ MORE.