NOMV Race Around The World

Partner Veterinary Urgent Care is proud to be a silver sponsor of the 2022 NOMV Race Around the World.

What is the NOMV Race Around the World?
It is a virtual race that takes place annually from September 1st – 30th. Our team will be track the miles/kilometers they run, walk, bike, horseback ride, etc. throughout the month. 

Money raised will help NOMV transform the status of mental wellness within the profession so veterinary professionals can survive and thrive through education, resources, and support.

Why are we participating?
It is difficult to find someone in the veterinary profession who is unaffected by suicide.  Reports have shown that our peers are three times more likely to die by suicide.*  Being an ally to suicide prevention is vital to the philosophies of Partner Veterinary.  

Our philosophies have built a safe and healthy workplace for our teams.  In addition, our core value of “Community Care” is our call to action for us to be present and support the entire veterinary profession.

Because of this, we are committed to supporting NOMV. We want every veterinary professional to also benefit from a supportive network and resources that can prevent another loss. 

How can you help?
If you would like to support our team, you can do so by donating to NOMV in our name. Thank you!!

Need help? Know someone who does?

Contact the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline if you are experiencing mental health-related distress or are worried about a loved one who may need crisis support.

Connect with a trained crisis counselor. 988 is confidential, free, and available 24/7/365.

Visit the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline for more information at

*New Study Finds Higher than Expected Number of Suicide Deaths among U.S. Veterinarians